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Connect to Your Faith

Discover tranquility in daily life with thoughtful Islamic reminders and stay intimately connected to Islam with Muslim Pro as your trusted companion.

Simplify Your Spiritual Path

Muslim Pro offers essential tools to simplify your spiritual practices - from timely adhan notifications and precise prayer times to prayer and fasting trackers.

United in Faith

Forge deeper connections by sharing your curated Quran playlists to loved ones and connect with a global network of Muslims for prayer and support.

Immerse in the Holy Quran

Muslim Pro features the full Quran with Arabic scripts, coloured Tajweed, 40+ translations and audio recitations from your favourite reciters including Mishary Rashid Alafasy and Sheikh Abdul Rahman As Sudais.

“NEW! You can now immerse in the Quran with our new learning features! Deepen your understanding of important surahs, memorise, and khatam the Quran, and even personalise your Quran journey with our enhanced Quran!”

Verified Prayer Times, Precise Qibla & Adhan Notifications

Muslim Pro is recognized by Muslims worldwide as having the most accurate prayer times & adhan mobile application - being the first mobile app to offer verified prayer times for major cities across the world.

Premium users can personalise adhan notifications by setting pre-call to prayer alerts and choosing their favourite global adhan voices.

Qalbox by Muslim Pro

Qalbox is a Muslim streaming service, hosting an enriching and wide-ranging library of Muslim-focused lifestyle content - from films and TV series to kids' programmes, documentaries, Quranic recitations and much more.

Qalbox is available in the Muslim Pro app exclusive to Muslim Pro Premium users.

Ask AiDeen - AI-Powered Islamic Chatbot

Meet your Islamic AI-powered companion!

Ask AiDeen is a companion in your journey of faith, offering you real time information about Islam on-the-go. Ask AiDeen is trained to answer your Islamic queries based on the the holy Quran and authentic hadiths.

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